June 26, 2015

Betsy Davis by The Scarlet Letter revived

After attending a class on Sally Munro by Margaret Hogue of the Essamplaire I remembered having a Balch sampler in progress.  So I hunted thru a plastic tub I had all my "lost in progress" projects in. These are things I started and hated or started and got bored with. It mainly needs the saying, midsection finished and all the fill in. There's a band of strawberries to go across the bottom and of course my name and date (whenever that shall be)

Here's the sampler I started late 80s or early 90s. I remember now why I stashed it.  

 Here is a link to the original. 
Boston Museum of Fine Arts

My tree at the top looks almost like a snake. The heart didn't call for the outer  heart to be filled in but I liked it better stuffed. Again 25 yrs ago I was pretty laxed in my stitching. I hated I wadded it up in a plastic bag and tossed it aside because it is a beautiful piece. I am keeping it out and going to finish it. I hope the contrast of my current skills doesn't clash with the old. It's hard not ripping it out but ain't gonna happen! I will just be thrilled to get her done.

 First I kept redoing the free hand. Everything looked funny. After a while I was like whatever. The fabric in the kit was 25ct and when I started the "over one" I hated the coverage of one strand. The black looked alright but the others I switched to two strands.

One of my ladies I thought looked like a puppy. But didn't want to rip it out and weaken the linen.

Top right

Bottom Left
Bottom right
right mid

I redid my deer twice and to me still looks like a donkey. With the link to the original I'm going to try again. 
This is the only colour picture you get to compare to.

The chart itself was horrid. It was hand written and a lot not " in squares" so had to focus on placement. Of course this was the late 80's and not much computer generated charts put yet. She tells you to pretty much do it your way but the X stitches had to pretty much stay in place. I tried to look at the picture but it’s a SMALL picture. I love that Margaret took close up photos of Sally. It's hard to look at the cover on this one and get any concept. I was unsure of the thickness of some of the stem stitching and satin but decided oh well it is what I say it is.
But anyway, I am going to finish it then hopefully still want to do the Sally Munro from my class. It looks about the same so I should be in practice after this one.


samplerlover said...

I totally know what you mean about not having clear photos of Betsy. I was the same when I stitched her. Thankfully Marsha now includes close up photos of her samplers these days. I found this site very helpful when I stitched my Betsy. It was a great help. http://www.mfa.org/collections/object/sampler-48228. Yours is looking wonderful and will be spectacular when it's all finished. It's one of my favourite samplers along with a Betsy Manchester.

laceystitcher said...

This is one of my favorites; I think that I have it in my stash. If not this one, it is very similar. I am so glad that you are going to finish it; it is gorgeous!! Be sure to post your progress. Happy 4th and happy stitching.

Meari said...

Good luck with your remaining progress.

Kathleen Johnson said...

When you stitched this sampler, did you start with the "graphed" part of the sampler and then move on to the free hand?