March 05, 2015

My WIP Elizabeth Bechtel by Margaret Hogue-The Essamplaire . Top

Last Sept. Kathy Lesieur came to your Sampler Guild meeting and gave a lecture on Pennsylvania Dutch Samplers. I fell in love with the clox design and the colours. The story of  Sarah Boone travels and teachings intrigued me and I knew I just had to have a couple in my collection. This one I got from The Essamplaire The other I got was a Sarah Boone sampler.
 The reproduction designer Margriet Hogue of  The Essamplaire will be coming to our guild in April and I hope I have alot of this completed by then.

This was a sampler taught by Sarah Boone to Elizabeth.

Bands 1-3


Close up of strawberries 

Close up of a few clox