July 29, 2015

Betsy Davis sampler fill in tip.

The fill in I used two strands. The borders and strawberry band are
alternating half stitches over one. If you look close you see the stitches run
the same direction on the same rows vertical and horizontal.
Easy to keep correct by just using the vertical threads.
So one direction up and one direction across on the same row
will help you keep correct. I went up the stitch going from
bottom left to top right then came back down next row going
top left to bottom right staying on the vertical threads only. 

Betsy Davis sampler update Full View

the colouring is dark. The fabric is actually a light natural 25 ct linen

Betsy Davis update

I didn't like the satin stitches for leaves around the Queen flowers. Frogged out and replaced with Queen stitches like other Balch samplers I've seen.  I took out some of the old leaves I did and redid them.


Far left tree has V and L  symbols and hard to distinguish on the chart.
The leaves are L and branches V

Everything complete except the filling in which is taking as long as the sampler.

July 12, 2015

So here's the final deer

Last time I can redo. My threads underneath are weakening so this I'll live with.

Betsy Davis update

So I ripped out my deer. Redid it then it looked like a moose.